Wondering about TDI 2020? We are, too!


We thought by now (April 16, 2020) we might be able to make some decisions about what version of TDI we will be implementing this year. However, we recently learned that NVU has postponed making a final decision about their summer programs until May 4th. We’ve been told that “if the State says we can open again, we will be opening again,” and that “it is a matter of when the State says for sure we can.”  So there is still hope!

Meanwhile, there are at least 4 possible scenarios that could unfold:

  1. Plan A, which is our regularly scheduled two weeks of TDI, June 21-July 4th.
  2. Plan B, which is our contingency plan for a one-week TDI, August 2-8, which would happen only if Plan A cannot happen.
  3. If Plan A and Plan B are both prohibited, we would consider Plan C, which is to cancel TDI completely.
  4. If NVU is allowed to run daytime, but not overnight, programming (which is what UVM has just announced they are planning to do this summer), we would consider Plan D, which could be some combination of an in-person weekend day or two at NVU campus and online connection for campers.

For anyone wondering whether or not (because things are so unpredictable right now) to register their child, we are currently allowing registration with no deposit necessary.  So there is no financial risk involved.  Please go ahead and register, as this gives us some important information on the numbers of campers we may have for each scenario, and the interests (based on strand choices) of those campers.  Please register for August Plan B as well, if you want your child to attend Plan B (in the event that Plan A is not able to happen).  In all cases, just ignore (for now) any notices about tuition balance due. We hope to see you this summer! Thanks!