The Mission of the Green Mountain Center for Gifted Education is affirming, educating, and supporting Vermont’s gifted and talented youth and their families.

We believe that gifted and talented children are…

  • Advanced in some aspect of their development, be it intellectual, imaginational, physical, emotional, creative, and/or ethical.
  • From all social, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.
  • Motivated to learn when they are interested and engaged, and unmotivated when they are not interested and engaged.
  • Capable of extraordinary accomplishments when given the optimal balance of support, opportunity, and expectations.
  • At risk if their educational and personal needs are not met, and able to soar when these needs are met.

Through the Center, Vermont’s gifted and talented children will have access to…

  • Adults who understand them, who appreciate them as people and learners, and who have the knowledge and skills to facilitate their learning.
  • Programs which respond to their developmental and learning differences.
  • Identification and cultivation of their gifts and talents.
  • Stimulating, meaningful, and motivating experiences to inspire them.
  • Increased depth, breadth, and acceleration of learning.
  • Enhancement and support of their social and emotional development.
  • Guidance with understanding themselves and their place in the world.
  • Development of core strategies and skills to facilitate independent learning and creative thinking.
  • Time with like-minded peers, who also have unique abilities, interests, and learning styles.
  • Fun!
Camper and Staffer Collaborate