TDI is online: TDI@Home Information for Registered Campers

June Camper Letter for Registered Campers:

Technology Info and Tips for Registered Campers:

In an effort to maintain the TDI community and provide the TDI experience to our campers during these unusual times, we are bringing TDI Summer Camp online for 2020! Our staff has worked hard to virtualize their strands and we’ve created an awesome online program that we’ve dubbed “TDI@Home”! There will still be two sessions: June 22-26, and June 29-July 3, 2020. Campers will be able to choose mornings, afternoons, or both.

Registration for TDI@Home 2020 is closed.

To register for the program, head to Log in to your child’s profile, if they already have one created from a previous year, or create a new one if this is your child’s first TDI experience. After selecting the TDI@Home sessions you would like to participate in, please make sure to fill out or sign all sections marked with red dots.

The registration deadline for TDI@Home is June 8th, 2020.

To accommodate as many types and ages of campers as we can, we are giving you four session options from which you may pick and choose:  

  • Week 1 mornings, June 22-26
  • Week 1 afternoons, June 22-26
  • Week 2 mornings, June 29-July 3
  • Week 2 afternoons, June 29-July 3  

Each session is 2 hours and 45 minutes long, and consists of one strand period (the same strand all week) and one exploratory period (a different activity each day) each session.

Exploratory grids and descriptions for each session are available below and on CampDoc. We ask that you sign your camper up for a different Exploratory each session (morning and afternoon) of each day. There are five fun choices per day in each exploratory time period.

There is also a virtual one-hour social lunch time (they should bring their own bag lunch!) that is optional for both morning and afternoon sessions at no extra cost. Based on your feedback, we have also built in 1/2-hour breaks between strands and exploratories each session.

And last but most certainly not least, we plan to have a virtual Talent Show on the final Friday (July 3rd), to which all participants from all four sessions are invited! All campers may participate and/or spectate. Parts of the Show will be “live” and parts will be pre-recorded.

Tuition will be $220 per week for either a morning or afternoon session, so that’s $440 for a full-day week (2 sessions), $660 for 3 sessions, and $880 for all 4 sessions during the two weeks. No deposit necessary. We tried to keep the cost very reasonable, but if anyone feels that they still need a little financial assistance, please contact Lucy (  

The weekly tuition cost for the Leadership Program is as follows:

  • Leadership One each full week  $440
  • Leadership Two each full week  $370
  • Leasdership Three each full week  $340

Follow these links for more information on the strands and exploratories we are offering at TDI@Home 2020:

TDI@Home 2020 Strand Grid Schedule

TDI@Home Strand Descriptions

TDI@Home 2020 Exploratory Grid and Descriptions

We hope that the strands and exploratories sound engaging and fun to you and your children, and that they join us for this very special year of TDI@Home. 

To register, head to

Please share our website and/or brochure with any families who may be interested, as well as through networks like Front Porch Forum and your child’s school. We highly encourage you to pass along our information to you children’s teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and other educators. Word of mouth is our most powerful tool to reach new families who would truly benefit from the TDI experience, and we are very grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word!