Dorm Life at TDI

Governors DormsTypically about 75% of our participants sleep in the dorms each night, while about 25% commute to and from their homes. Resident campers attending TDI have the opportunity to live in the Johnson State College dorms for the week(s) of camp. We generally have one girls’ floor and two floors for the boys. Each floor has two Dorm Supervisors and 2 -4 teaching staff as well. Dorm supervisors are responsible for all resident campers, particularly the ones on their floors, from dinnertime until Capture the Flagbreakfast the next morning. Dorm staff lead evening activities that range from swimming and outdoor games, to computer time or board games, and provide campers with a healthy evening snack.

Each dorm floor has a central bathroom with shower stalls, sinks and bathroom facilities. Dorm rooms are typically doubles or triples, and campers are encouraged to request a favorite roommate if they’d like to share with a particular friend.  Dorm staff generally have as much fun as the campers and enjoy the energy and fun that comes from living in a dorm setting!

Evening activities may include swimming, Dutch Auction, Movie Night, or Active Games, and, of course, the Talent Show on our last evening together.

Our first-ever Fourth of July was a great success, when record heat inspired many evening water games.  What better way to beat the heat than water games! We had a blast with a hose, a water slide, buckets, sponges, bubbles, and water bottle rockets! There were lots of smiles and laughter from campers, Leadershippers, and staff. We are looking forward to trying some new water game ideas for another great Fourth during the second week of TDI 2019, and invite your child(ren) to join us!

After evening activities (or sometimes during evening activity time), campers and staff might play games, read, listen to music, or just hang out in the common room and chat. Returning campers look forward to dorm time as a chance to relax and unwind after a full day of new experiences. Campers like the autonomy of living in a college dorm and managing their own time, while parents like knowing the dorm supervisors are actively involved with the campers and providing an adult presence on the floors.